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Room By Room Clean Out Guide by Bin There Dump That

Temperatures are rising, it stays light out later, and "April showers" are over! If you haven't already started on your spring cleaning, then now is the perfect time--and your friendly neighborhood Bin There Dump That is here to help you with a room by room clean out.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Easily clear out space in your bathroom for new products by tossing expired ones. For example, cosmetics go bad over time. If it's something that you acquired years ago or no longer wear, throw it out--especially if it's something that you aren't comfortable passing along to someone else, like mascara or eyeliner.

The same goes in the kitchen. Experts warn against getting non-stick pots and pans secondhand as the coating may have begun to deteriorate. Instead of selling or donating , it’s safer to discard of these to create space for new cookware instead.

Bedrooms and Closets

It is found that parents spend the most on their kids at Christmas, so it’s time to clear out the broken and heavily used toys in their bedrooms.

Also, the Huffington Post reported the average American throws out 65 lbs. of clothing each year. This is mainly due to ripped clothing, undergarments and worn out shoes not reselling well. One of your biggest space makers can be your closet when you go through your clothing.
Bedrooms and Closets

Do your children have a birthday coming up? Prepare for it by discarding old, broken toys which will inevitably be replaced by newer gifts from friends and family.

You can make additional room in your home by clearing out both your personal wardrobes and the linen closet. If a clothing item is like-new or gently used, consider donating it to a non-profit charity, giving it as a hand-me-down, or repurposing the fabric. Items such as undergarments, or clothing that is ripped, stained, or otherwise in a state of disrepair should be tossed. The same goes for old towels and bedding.

Garage and Attic

Storage space can fill up fast! Is there a holiday coming up that you want to decorate for? As you start pulling out your festive accessories and decor, check each item. Do all the bulbs still light up? Is it cracked or crushed in any way?

Consider other items you may have in your attic or garage; the car seat, stroller, or crib that you have stored in there could be considered unsafe by today’s standards. You would be best off disposing of them.

Bin There Dump That Central NJ is here to help with your spring cleaning! Rent a dumpster online here or call 732-313-2838 to speak with a dumpster consultant today!

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