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The 4 Best Tips To Prepare For Holiday Guests

The winter holidays are soon upon us and New Year's Day will shortly follow! If you are going to be the host for the holidays, we have the BEST tips to prepare for your guests.


The first thing to do is to clear out spaces, such as guest bedrooms, for those holiday guests. These rooms often end up as extra storage for unused items. If guests will be staying with you, the guest or extra bedrooms should be cleared of that extra stuff. Space should be created for guests’ luggage, etc. And don’t forget the closets and bathrooms. Unnecessary items can be gathered now for later sorting, then stored away in an area that won’t be used during the holidays.

Comfort Is Essential

Once you have decluttered the space, you can now focus on the essential comforts for guests. You want your guests to feel as comfortable as they do in their own homes. This can be achieved with a few special touches. Extra blankets and pillows can be put in the closet. Lighting is also important for guests that may not familiar with navigation at night. Lamps in rooms and night lights, placed in hallways, can help with this. And with electronic devices being so much a part in everyday life, charging equipment for your guests, if forgotten, will be appreciated.

The bathrooms should also be prepped for the guests’ comfort. Bath towels and soap should be easily accessible. Extra toiletries such as shampoo, toothbrushes, and hair dryer can be placed in the bathroom in case guests forgot to pack them.

A Little Preparation Goes A Long Way

Providing a comfortable place to stay can make for the happiest of guests. A bit of preparation can extend that comfort throughout their stay. One suggestion is to prepare a coffee bar in the kitchen, ready to go each morning with mugs and other add-ins. This way, early birds can fix a cup and return to their rooms without having to go through cabinets. Another good idea is to having snacks on hand, ready to go at different times of the day. These snacks can be prepared a few days ahead, stored in serving bowls for quick serving.

These tips will help your adult guests feel right at home but don’t forget about the younger guests. Children can bore easily, so having games on hand will help with that.

Easy Cleanup

So your holidays went perfectly and your guests left happy. Now is the time to go through the items you cleared out. You may suddenly realize most of the stuff you cleared out is not needed and you are enjoying the new look of those spaces. Ordering a roll-off dumpster will help clear those items up in one day. This is also the perfect time for the dumpster to do double duty. Any boxes, extra trash, and gift wrapping can be added to the bin for the quickest of cleanups!

Happy Holidays from Bin There Dump That - Central New Jersey!

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