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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Bin There Dump That – The Metuchen Dumpster Rental Experts

Bin There Dump That has locally owned and operated franchises all over North America – that includes right here in Metuchen, New Jersey. Our franchise is proud to follow the model that has served the company’s other locations so well. We don’t just want to provide a dumpster rental service – we want to be the best service of its kind in Middlesex County.

We understand the unique needs of our Metuchen customers and we’re determined to provide them with the best service possible. Our job doesn’t end when we’ve delivered a dumpster to your driveway. We’re concerned about the things you’re concerned about. We want to make sure it’s placed conveniently, there’s no damage to your property and there’s nothing left behind when we leave. Read on to learn more.

Residential Dumpster Rentals

It starts with the first phone call. Our dumpster rental experts pick up the phone when you call. We don’t put you through an automated service that makes it impossible to talk to a real person. We know how frustrating that is and we’d never put you through it. We want your dumpster rental experience to be a pleasant as possible so you’ll tell your friends about us.

Our business is providing the best residential solutions for dumpster rentals. We don’t target the commercial markets, although our bins are popular with roofing companies. Because of our narrow focus we’ve become experts in providing dumpster rental solutions that fit the needs of the homeowner.

We Sweep Up for You

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your rented dumpster for a renovation project or a quick spring cleanout – there’s bound to be some debris left behind. A few sharp pieces of wood or the occasional nail can be bad news for your vehicles – they’re also a hazard for your children.

Our drivers don’t consider the job done until all of that material has been removed from your driveway. We don’t just take the bin away for you – we sweep up the driveway as well. They’re also careful to make sure nothing falls out of the bin as they’re hauling it away. That’s why they place a tarp over top of the bin as an added precaution.

Your Driveway is Protected

A dumpster is a heavy waste storage bin and if it’s not placed properly it can do a fair bit of damage to your driveway. We’re conscious of this fact and we work hard to make sure your driveway is in the same condition when we leave as it was when we first brought the bin to you.

We care about your property as if it was our own. Before we place your bin rental in your driveway, we’ll first lay wooden boards that distribute the weight and prevent scratches and damage to your driveway. We’re here to help you with solutions, not to create more problems.

Dumpster Delivery Experts

One of the things that make us different is that we don’t have dumpster delivery drivers. You might be wondering how we get your bin to you without drivers. Well we do have company representatives that will bring your dumpster to you, but they’re far more than just our drivers. They’re true dumpster delivery experts.

Our experts are professionals that are there to assist you. They don’t just deliver a bin. They’ll help you decide where the best place to place it in your driveway is to minimize any disruptions to your daily routine. Their goal is to help you and to leave your driveway in good shape when they leave. They don’t just drop the dumpster and rush off to the next job.

Friendly Dumpster Consultants

Renting a dumpster may seem like a straightforward process, but there are some important things to consider. There’s no need to rent the biggest dumpster available if you’re just working on a small garage clear out. We have different dumpster sized for different projects.

Our friendly dumpster consultants will listen to you and help you decide on the best-sized dumpster for your project. We’re not going to try and upsell you and convince you to pay more when you don’t need to. We’ll always be waiting on the other end of the phone with helpful advice to make the right rental decision.

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Local Guide to Metuchen

Many of our clients that rent a dumpster from us are new to the Metuchen area. They may be in the middle of a remodel or renovations to their new home to turn it into an oasis away from the daily grind of life. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to learn about everything our great city has to offer them. That’s why we’ve include a local guide section her to make the transition easier. We believe strongly that helping you become part of our community will ensure you’re a loyal Bin There Dump That customer for years.

Local Colleges and Universities

There are a number of colleges and universities in the Metuchen area – too many to cover in this short space. That’s why we’ve settled on three popular institutions to focus on. Here are our top suggestions.

Middlesex County College

Middlesex County College is a clean and modern school with a good reputation for providing students with the education they need to succeed in the real world. It’s located in Edison, just 3 or 4 miles from Metuchen, and it offers classes on a variety of subjects. The school encourages extracurricular activities and they offer great counselling programs to help students identify the direction they want to take their life in.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University is a school with a great reputation for good reason. The school features a beautiful campus with a diverse student population. They focus on academics, but they don’t forget that students need to unwind as well. There’s a great athletics program and many fun groups to become involved with. The buildings are rich in history and you’ll find plaques located around campus that explains the historical significance of certain landmarks. Rutgers offers the experience every student is looking for.

Sollers College

If you have a child that’s interested in the health sciences then Sollers College is a good choice. They offer great academic programs that lead to careers in clinical research and pharmaceutical technologies. Class sizes are reasonable and there’s a lot of opportunity for interaction with the professors. It’s a new school, only established in 2007, but if you’re looking for a local education in the health sciences or in computer science, it’s a good place to start your journey.

Festivals and Events

Metuchen Art & Music Festival

The Metuchen Art & Musical Festival, formerly known as the Junebug Festival, has been rebranded and it’s now the biggest annual event in Metuchen. The festival takes place in early to mid-June and it’s packed full of things to do for the whole family. There are open-air art exhibits, all kinds of visual arts and numerous bands performing. To top it all off there’s a food court serving beer and wine as well.

Middlesex County Fair

Everyone loves a fair and one of the best ones in the North Easter US takes place every year right here in Middlesex County. The Middlesex County fair attracts thousands of visitors every year and has everything you’d expect to find at a large fair. There are tons of arts and crafts, musical entertainment, food, drink and of course, there are clowns. It’s a great annual event for the whole family.

Brick Fair Lego Expo

Every kid both old and young loves Lego. It’s a toy that allows us to explore our creative side and that never gets old. Well now imagine being surround by 58,000 square feet of Lego buildings, trains and just about anything else that can be built from Lego. That’s what you’ll experience at the Brick Fair Lego Expo just outside of Metuchen in Edison. Visitors attend the expo from all over the US.

Famous Monuments and Historical Sites

Cornelius Lowe House

For the art lovers the Cornelius Lowe House is one of those hidden gems that never seem to get enough attention. Housed in the historic Cornelius Lowe House, which is a historical landmark in New Jersey, it rotates exhibits on a regular basis so you’ll want to check back often to see what’s new. The outside of the house with its historic façade makes for some great photo ops as well.


We might not be able to visit Buckingham Palace without a plane flight over the Atlantic, but if you want to see elegance at its finest, you can take a drive by the Blairsden House in Somerset New Jersey. This historic mansion is more than 62,000 feet. It is currently privately owned, but it’s worth seeing even from the outside.

The Proprietary House

There aren’t many buildings still standing that were built in 1762, but the Proprietary House in Perth Ambjoy New Jersey is one of the exceptions. This is the only remaining governor’s mansion from the original 13 colonies that is still standing. It’s been restored to its original condition and visitors can tour the house and experience what life was like before the revolution.

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What You Can Expect From Us

The Bin There Dump That Metuchen rental experience is truly unique. If you’ve used the services of any of our other franchises, you’ll be pleased to know we offer the same great customer experience with our Metuchen hospitality. We’re confident in saying we offer the best dumpster rental experience in New Jersey. Here are some of the highlights.

Prompt Phone Response

When you call us you’ll get to speak with a trained professional customer service rep right away. We won’t leave you on hold and frustrated for 20 or 30 minutes. A positive customer experience can’t happen unless we start out on the right foot. If you feel we can improve in any way let us know and we’ll work on that for next time.

Rentals Available on Short Notice

We’ve heard countless stories of customers that have come to us because they couldn’t find a company to rent them a dumpster without 24 hours’ notice. We pride ourselves on providing the best residential service around. We work hard to make sure we always have enough inventory on hand to rent a customer a dumpster with short notice. When demand picks up we add to our inventory so that you can always rent a dumpster when you need one.

Professional Representatives

At Bin There Dump That Metuchen, we believe all of our employees should represent our company well. When our professional delivery experts drop a dumpster off in your driveway they’ll arrive in uniform and well kept. Friendly professionalism is central to our business model and that extends to every employee of our franchise.

Clean Well Maintained Equipment

There’s bound to a bit of a mess when you’re in the middle of a home renovation. That doesn’t mean you want a big rusted out eye soar sitting in your driveway for the duration of the project. Our dumpsters are clean and well maintained. They’re free from rust and we throw on a fresh coat of paint whenever it’s needed. A Bin There Dump That dumpster may stand out in your driveway because of our bright trademark colors, but it will never standout because it’s poorly maintained.

Respect for Your Property

The last thing we want is for you to tell your friends, family and neighbors we left your driveway a mess. We always respect your property. Our dumpster delivery experts will lay boards on your driveway to prevent scratches and gouges and they’ll clean up any debris leftover when we pick up the dumpster. That’s right – we sweep up for you!

A Great Experience

The bottom line is we want you to have a great experience when you rent one of our dumpsters. We want you to use our service again and again and we want you to tell your friends about us. We’re waiting for your call right now.

Dumping Sites in the Metuchen area

  • Middlesex County Landfill

  • 53 Edgeboro Road
  • East Brunswick, NJ 08816-
  • 732-846-4313
  • Link

  • Republic Services Middlesex Borough Transfer Station

  • 120 Baekeland Avenue
  • Middlesex, NJ 08846
  • 732-469-3777
  • Link

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