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6 Ways to Prepare for Fall with Bin There Dump That

Bonfires, crisp morning air, apple cider, hayrides, colorful leaves on the trees… Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but fall is the most wonderful season! Fall has so much to offer and appeals to everyone in one way or another.

There’s nothing quite like autumn, but it can require some prep around the house! It’s important to brace our homes against incoming cold weather, and it’s best to do it sooner than later. Unsure of how to prepare? We’ve got your backs! From outdoor maintenance to home décor, here are 6 ways to prepare for fall.

Check Your Chimney

If you’ve got a fireplace, you know that just thinking about a sitting in front of a fire on a chilly autumn night is a comfort. But before you spark that first toasty fire of the season, schedule a chimney cleaning to avoid potential fire hazards.

In addition to a good chimney cleaning, your fireplace may need a little makeover. Repeated use can lead to soot buildup and staining, as well as potential chipping or other surface damage. Consider replacing old bricks with ceramic tiles or stone slabs for a fresh look.

Stock Up on Firewood

Whether you buy your firewood or chop your own, get a piled started now and have it ready for when it really starts to get cold. Future-you will thank present-you!

Check Your Boiler or Furnace

No matter which one you have, it’s smart to check it out now before the temperature drops further and you’re stuck without heat. Schedule an inspection and change your furnace filters as needed. Fresh filters will help maintain healthy air quality, as well as helping keep your energy costs down.

Assemble a Fall & Winter Toolbox

There are few things worse than waking up to the first big snow of the season – and not knowing where your snow shovel is. The same can be said for the first major leaf-molting of the year if you have no idea where your rake went! Pull out everything now that you’ll need for fall and winter, and assemble a one-stop-shop in your garage or shed that has everything you need to thwart Mother Nature’s plans.

For fall tools, find your rake (of course), leaf blower if you have one, broom, and maybe gardening tools for planting fall bulbs. For your late fall and winter tools, gather your snow shovel, ice scraper, and salt.

Comfy Cozy Blankets and Bedding

Dropping temperatures mean it’s time to bring out the flannel sheets, down comforters, and knitted throws. Wash them all ahead of time and store them somewhere accessible, so you’re ready to wrap yourself up the moment the breeze turns icy. And don’t forget your fall throw pillows! They can add a great pop of fall color to the room, while also enhancing that comfy-cozy feeling.

Candles, Candles, Candles!

Scented candles inside your home will take your fall game to the next level. Think “spice” – pumpkin spice, cinnamon spice, apple spice, cloves, even ginger! There’s so many to choose from, and many fall spices will transition nicely into the winter holiday season.

Light some scented candles on your coffee table, in your kitchen, or in your bathroom. The only place you may not want to indulge in scented candles is at the dinner table. The fragrance from the candles might interfere with the flavor of your food. However, in some cases it can also enhance it, so pretty much anywhere is fair game.

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