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Loading a Level Dumpster

 (modified Oct 15, 2019)

What Is A Level Load?

It's pretty self explanatory. It's a load that's level. Meaning there is nothing that goes over the top of a bin. Example, don't place a 8 ft tall basketball hoop standing up in the dumpster!

Why Is A Level Load Important?


When you are driving down the highway behind a truck with a full dumpster on it you do not want things flying off and hitting your car! It could cause damage to cars but more importantly, it could cause wrecks.

Also, if anything flies out of the bin and onto the road, a car could run over the debris also causing wrecks.


If there are items over the top of a dumpster that has to drive under low hanging wires, it could cause damage and be dangerous.

Our Equipment

Bin There Dump That provides tarps! All you have to do is keep your load level and we handle the rest!

Landfills and transfer stations will not allow a truck with an uncovered bin to dump at their facility.

How Do Ensure A Level Load?

When we come to pick up our dumpster, we inspect the contents, make sure the doors are able to close and are securely locked, and make sure it is a level load.

We look for anything above the rim of the bin. If possible, we adjust the debris to try and make it all fit without having to remove any items.

If the bin is considered unsafe to travel with, we must leave the bin so it can be offloaded.

How To Prevent Going Over The Rim?

Plan your load. Make sure you order the proper size dumpster.

Use the double doors to help place the large, bulky items on the bottom. Small items should go in last. Do not load over the rim!

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