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Five Great Cleaning Habits to Develop

Everyone is different when it comes to their home. Some of us have entire, elaborate cleaning routines. Some of us may not even move laundry from The Chair (you know the one I mean) for weeks at a time. Some of us walk the line in between the two. No matter where you find yourself when it comes to cleaning your house, you probably have at least one or two cleaning habits. Developing regular cleaning habits is useful—and they don’t even have to be extreme. Here are four simple cleaning habits to develop that will have your home looking great in no time (and in the long run as well)!


1. Wipe Things Down

Pay special attention to high-touch surfaces around the house. These are things you should regularly be wiping down—especially now! High-touch surfaces in the home include remote controls, light switches, doorknobs, and phones. Wipe these items down at least 2-3 times per week. This is a great and healthy habit to develop, particularly as we approach cold and flu season.


2. Organize

Think about your miscellaneous belongings laying around the house. If these things are on the floor or sprawled out taking up valuable counter space because they don’t have a designated spot, it might be valuable to find them a proper home. Labeling plastic bins is a great place to start. More decorative options include wicker baskets, storage ottomans, or fancy desk organizers for smaller items.


3. Make Your Bed

As soon as you get up out of your bed, make it. Fit this into your morning routine. Making your bed is the easiest thing you’ll do all day. It can also be a great mood boost or motivator for the rest of the day because you’ll have already accomplished something before even making your coffee!


4. Clean as You Go

Clean up around the house throughout the day. Incorporate this into your routine. Wipe down the counters when you’re done in the kitchen. Put things back in their place after using them. And if it can be done in less than two minutes, do it.

And if you want to really deep-clean and purge your home of old, unwanted items, call Bin There Dump That and rent a dumpster to help! Reach us at 732-313-2838 or book your dumpster online.



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