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7 Things to Do with Dad on Father's Day


Father’s day is just around the corner, this year why not give Dad the gift of quality time. We’ve gathered some great activities that you and Dad can tackle together. Take this opportunity to learn something new about each other, whether it’s at the golf course or a garage cleanout.

Garage or Yard Cleanout

Garage cleanout guide call to action - Learn How To Clean Your Garage in 5 Steps

Celebrate Dad by helping him clean out the yard, garage, or basement. Help create a workshop or a man cave, a place where you can spend quality time. Renting a dumpster will help you tackle this project with less stress. 

Having a dumpster rental to help toss unwanted items is a great way to stay motivated and get one step closer to enjoying the man cave. When the cleanout is all done, let the dumpster delivery expert know and they’ll take it to the landfills, so you and Dad can spend more quality time together.

Practice Your Swing - Go Golfing

Maybe your dad isn’t an avid golfer but that’s never a reason to NOT work on your swing. Maybe to impress his friends or just so he’ll be able to participate in work functions. 

Me and My Golf has the perfect article on how to practice your swing to perfect it! From setting up, aligning yourself and the actual swing, My and My Golf has the tips for you. And these tips will be great for you too, if you’re a beginner this will give you a chance to bond with your dad and practice your swing together.


Spend some time in the great outdoors getting some fresh air with Dad. Pack a lunch, plenty of water, and make a great day out of it. Here’s a list of all the essentials for your hiking adventures by the Globetrotting Teacher. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced hiker take this opportunity to bond with dad on a new trail. 

Check out a waterfall or a lookout point that you’ve never seen before. Don’t forget to take pictures to remember this special day. Take this bonding opportunity to ask Dad some questions, maybe about his favorite Father’s Day growing up or fun adventures with his Dad.

Have A Family Game Night

playing uno on game night for father's day

Create a night filled with board games and snacks. In the blog post attached they mentioned having one night a year with no rules, why not make that one night Father’s Day. It will be a night that the kids won’t forget but also one that holds memories for years to come. 

While Twister and Monopoly are classics why not try a game of American Idol where two family members are judges, pull out a karaoke machine and see if you can get a ticket to Hollywood. 

After the winner of American Idol has been announced, go down memory lane with home movies. Enjoy clips of the younger days and don’t forget to get clips of these days as well. For more great ideas for family game night, visit iMom and her 20 ideas!

Watch A Movie Outdoors

If you’ve got young kids in the house - you’re most likely going to need a list of movies that both kids and grown-ups will like… A simple Disney movie sometimes just doesn’t hit the spot - and especially if you’re trying to make this a day Dad will enjoy - think of his feelings too.

Think of classic movies that were made for when Dad was a kid - he’ll definitely enjoy them again as an adult. Or even newer movies that pack a lot of punch. These movies Some movies in the list provided by The Curious Frugal are cartoons but tackle some real life stuff. A lot of these movies have jokes that only grown-ups will get and jokes that kids will definitely get.

Create the DAD Olympics

If you’re Dad loves sports, and has a competitive side, create a circuit of games to play. We like to call this the Dad Olympics. Invite some other Dad’s and have a mini-triathlon with a barbeque at the end. Or spruce up with some potato sack races, pie-eating contests, diving competition. 

Gather a few supplies for activities, decide how you want to record the score and get some decorations. Dad will love the thought that was put into this day as well of course just love spending time with you.

If you don't know what games to include in the Dad Olympics, read this article by The Spruce that gives you 10 ideas that the real Olympics would want in their own games.

create the dad olympics - father's day 2020

Build Something

Would a picnic table be so lovely in the backyard to spend summer nights eating dinner? Why don’t you and Dad build one this weekend? This is a great way to spend quality time and create a space where you will build memories as well. 

If neither of you has experience with working with wood, start small with a birdhouse. Don’t worry remember the point is to spend quality time with Dad so it doesn’t matter if the birdhouse has only 3 walls. See this DIY by Birds and Blooms and give this craft a try and you’ll be sure that memories will be created. Take it a step further and paint the birdhouses to your favorite sports teams, tv shows or a city you’ve visited together.